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Transport to Health

Helping you access healthcare appointments when there is no other way

Transport to Health gives access to healthcare appointments for those who would be otherwise unable to attend their appointments.  You can rely on our bank of thoughtful and trustworthy drivers to collect you at your door and deliver you to your appointment on time.

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Why Transport to Health?

According to NHS England, there are around 307 million sessions scheduled with GPs, nurses, therapists, and other practice staff every year and 5% – one in twenty – are missed without enough notice to invite other patients. These missed appointments are estimated to cost £216million; enough to pay for the salaries of over 2,300 GPs.

We know it can be difficult to reach appointments, especially if public transport is not a viable option.  Our helpful, passionate and trustworthy drivers will collect you from your door and deliver you, on time for your appointment.  Never worry about making an appointment again.  You can book your transport in advance via 01633 848899.  

Trips cost a minimum of £5 each way, with 50p per mile charged thereafter. 

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