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The Community Fridge

In our mission to end food waste and to fight food poverty, we've partnered with Hubbub to bring the first community fridge to the area.  Saving fresh food from going to waste and encouraging sharing and donations. 

Available all day, Monday - Saturday.

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Take What you Need

Our Community Fridge is open to all.  We encourage everyone to take what they need from our fridge.  Not only will it help with rising food bills but also helps lower landfill.

Got surplus unopened food?  Bring it along to We Connect and make a donation. 

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Sourced Locally

Through weekly collections from Fareshare partners and A F Blakemore and Son we have a wide variety of options in our fridge.  From fresh meats, to salads, dairy items and even vegan options theres always something for everyone in our fridge. 

We even have locally grown seasonal fruit and veg on occassion.

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Preventing Landfill

Each community fridge sponsored by Hubbub redistributes enough food to make 5,683 meals. This partnership directly aids our mission to build a robust and sustainable community, committed to helping each other and lowering our impact on the environment.

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