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The Community Bike Hub

It's estimated that 15 million bikes are discarded every year. At RCVUK we want people in the community to have access to bikes because it doesn't just mean trips out for families but so much more than that. It can connect people to their family who live a little too far away to walk to. It can give someone an opportunity to get to work, or take a job that is outside commutable hours. A bike hub also means safer bikes, now there is an affordable means to get that dusty bike a service and make it road worthy again.

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Reducing Landfill

Helping reduce local landfill and encouraging recycling our bike hub is open for donations.  We take bikes of all sizes and conditions.  No bike ends up in landfill as our engineers will utilise beyond-repair bikes for spare parts for others.

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Providing Refurbished Bikes

Our Bike Hub redirects bikes that would have been otherwise discarded and donates them to people in the community. 

Whether you need an adult bike or a bike for your child we will be able to help.

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Essential Bike Maintenance

Our skilled engineers will give your bike a full MOT, fix tyres, brakes, and ensure your bike is fully road worthy. 

Get in touch today at to book your bike in for a service.


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