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We Share

We believe in giving everyone in the community access to a hand up not just a handout.  We believe in our community's generosity and share resources with those in need. No one in our community should be hungry.  We are striving to overcome food poverty and are working tirelessly to find solutions for the impact of the current cost of living crisis.

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Sharing is Caring

We actively look for ways to divert usable, high-quality items from landfill.  Through our pantry, bike hub, uniform recycle scheme and clothes donation fundraiser we are lowering the amount of waste to landfill and repurposing it for those who need it.  

Knowledge Hwb

Through our knowledge hwb we aim to share our collective knowledge and experience to help refer you to the right service for bespoke support. Our volunteers have a wealth of experience in: 

  • Carer Support

  • Debt Management 

  • Mental Health Support

Contact us at for more information.​

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