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Our Community Pantry

Our Community Pantry is on the frontline of fighting the rising impact of the cost of living crisis.  By utilising food that would otherwise end up in landfill we have been able to offer people in the community a hand up, rather than just a handout.  

Open every Monday and Tuesday 4pm - 6pm, our food is locally sourced through our membership with Fareshare.  Our members can get baskets of food for just £4, that includes tinned foods, dry goods and toiletries.  Additional items like fresh fruit and vegetables, fridge and freezer items and baked goods may also be available dependent on collections.

To become a member simply pop along to We Connect Coffee Shop and sign up.  At We Connect you can also gift a basket and donate £4 to pay for a basket for someone who may need it.

600 kg food directed from landfill

Every single week, our members prevent 600kg of usable food from entering landfill.  This could save as much as 1,500kg of C02 emissions - every single week!


Over 200 local members

Our members vary from our VIPs in need of additional help and support when they shop, to those who are struggling with the current cost of living crisis to finally members who are just trying to lower their impact on the environment.  We welcome everyone in the community to try our pantry.

Helpful Support

Our volunteers will be there to help and support you during your visits to the pantry and can help you make the best food choices.

Fresh food sourced weekly

Through our membership with Fareshare, we have secured fresh food every single week.  A variety of options including both meat and vegan alternatives, milk, cheese and fruit and vegetables.


Like everything at RCV UK, our Pantry is not-for-profit and volunteer-led. 


The £4 per basket fee covers our membership to Fareshare and our admin costs.  This sustainable set-up means that the future of the pantry is secured.

Supporting a Circular Economy

Working with local home growers we have a selection of produce that has been grown locally.  We support a circular economy, lowering both food waste and carbon emissions.

What Our Members Say

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Pantry Member, Since April 2022

The pantry has been a lifeline to me during a very difficult time.  I'm always warmly welcomed by the volunteers who always make sure I get everything I need for the week.

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