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Meditation Mondays

If you're feeling overwhelmed of late then we encourage you to come along to our Meditation Monday sessions and learn to calm your mind and gain a better understanding of controlling your emotions.  Every Monday from 6:30pm our meditation sessions run at our We Connect Coffee Shop.  Come along to our free sessions, go through guided meditations, and then reflect with a brew afterward - the perfect remedy to a stressful Monday.

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What is Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice that some sources have dated back to 5000 bc. It is a complete mind-to-body practice in which you focus your attention on the present. The practice looks to promote awareness and improve well-being by harnessing the power of your breath and clearing your mind from distractions.

Our Meditation Monday sessions are a great place to come and learn more about this practice through guided meditations.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has incredible health benefits and can be used to help with the management of a number of mental health conditions. Here are just a few of the wonderful health benefits of meditation:

  1. It has been proven to improve memory

  2. It can lower stress levels

  3. Regulate your moods

  4. Improve your sleep

  5. Anxiety and Depression management

  6. Lowers your blood pressure

  7. Improves your immune system

  8. Assists with managing emotions

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