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We Nurture

What is We Nurture?

We work in the community to ensure no one is lonely or frightened. Combating the loneliness that contributes to poor mental health we work tirelessly to connect people.

Under We Nurture we've collaborated with other charities to bridge gaps in the community to help those in need.  Our Transport to Health Scheme helps get those who otherwise couldn't get to their healthcare appointments, to attend and get the care they need.  We also run weekly Wellness Walks in collaboration with Walking Friends Wales, starting every Wednesday from our We Connect Coffee Shop.  


Staying true to our humble beginnings, our volunteers still collect food shopping and prescriptions for our VIPs.  We also make 170 kindness calls a week through our bank of volunteers to help fight loneliness.  

Finally, through our advanced carer-friendly accreditation we offer support and advocacy for unpaid carers.

We're here to nurture and care for those in the community that are being forgotten - giving everyone a hand-up.

Want to Volunteer for We Nurture?

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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