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Wellness Walks

Walking is free, fun, and a great way to get exercise.  We encourage you to nurture your well-being with our Wellness Walks taking place every Wednesday at 10:30am from our We Connect Coffee Shop.  Ideally suited for those aged 50+, who would like to get active, stay healthy and meet new people.  

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Sign up Today

In partnership with Walking Friends Wales and Living Streets you can book on to the weekly walks by either emailing or by calling or texting 07566 777410. 

Benefits of Walking

Need more reasons to join our Wednesday Wellness Walks?  Here are some of the benefits of walking for exercise:

  • Low Impact - go easy on your joints and muscles

  • Reduces Stress - gentle exercise can boost your mood and help you forget your worries

  • Increases Energy Levels - being active throughout the day is actually proven to give your energy levels a boost long term

  • Lowers Blood Pressure - gentle exercise helps lower your blood pressure and keep your heart healthy.

  • Improves Sleep - being more active in the day helps you rest better at night, win, win.

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